Founded in 2000, apaiser is an award winning Australian international bathware designer and manufacturer specialising in luxury stone composite bathware, bathtubs, basins, vanities and shower bases. apaiser’s handcrafted stone bathware is effortlessly elegant. It is renowned for its natural organic feel and sculptural lines. The company works with elite designers to create exclusive, hand-crafted and customised bathware products.

Now Kelly Hoppen designed a new range for apaiser and distinctive design philosophy has resulted in a blend of curvaceous shapes and highly functional design.

The new collection includes stunning layered designs such as the HARMONY that resembles the petals of a lotus flower, the ORIGAMI that was inspired by the intricate Japanese art that gives it its name and the BANDE that was originally based on the Obi, a sash used in traditional Japanese dress.

“Sensory appeal has emerged as a worldwide trend in bathrooms. The need for differentiation has become a key focus for designers enhancing the consumer bathing experience. apaiser’s unrivaled customization meets this growing demand as we shift from function to enjoyment”. – Belinda Try, founder and director apaiser.