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“Women and the Sea”

OBJEKT©International takes you to Joso’s. An internationally recognised crucible for art, music and food in the heart of Toronto.

About Joso’s

The restaurant was co-founded by Joso and Angolina Spralja an immigrant couple who from the city of Zadar, Croatia in 1967 . What started as a little coffee house, later became a bohemian gathering spot for locals on the lookout for authentic Adriatic cuisine — fresh fish, grilled octopus, Clams Buzara and sepia risotto, to name only a few of the signature dishes. Joso’s soon became a meeting place for stars such as Robert de Niro, Barbra Streisand and Al Pacino.

Perhaps they were drawn to Joso’s own enthusiastic pursuits. He was a Renaissance man, dabbling in photography, sculpture, painting and even music. Along with his musical partner Malka, he sang and played guitar, and was regularly featured at Carnegie Hall, on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


But it’s Joso’s interiors that are testament to his family’s creative pursuits and long friendships with such artists as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Vlada Velickovic. The theme of “Women and the Sea,” an erotic and mysterious concept using the female form to mimic both the seas’s undulating depths and its untameable nature remain Joso’s signature and it’s on the walls of his eponymous restaurant.

By Sasha, honorary editor-in-chief OBJEKT©USA|Canada

As a young designer in 1980s Toronto, I was often surrounded by a beige design philosophy, and Joso’s became my safe house. It was a place I could dream and live in color, where no idea was ever considered too outlandish.

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An OBJEKT©International Production:
Video + photos by Alaïa Fonk / Text by Sasha Josipovicz