With its recent creation ‘WING’ JORI meets the new needs of our living culture: a multifunctional designer sofa, designed by the Dutch designer Hugo de Ruiter.

The current living culture is developing quickly and influences the living behaviour. As a result we are constantly searching for solutions that can channel our changing lifestyle as well as possible. The living spaces become more compact, the family situations more complex and as a consequence the interior needs to be adapted. The new JORI ‘Wing’ is the suitable answer to the puzzle of the consumer, who is searching for an aesthetic sofa that perfectly meets his modifying living behaviour.
The designer: “Relaxing in bed keeps us too passive. Sitting in a sofa is not always relaxing enough. We have been looking for our needs in between and met them by means of one and the same seating furniture concept, the Wing.”

The ‘Wing’ of JORI is the answer to a new perception of space that we experience today. It is a transformable seating concept, made of smoothly swivelling elements for different combinations, that follows our rhythm of life without any trouble.