Turri Showroom London

Turri, specialist in high end Italian design, recently opened a new showroom in London. Internationally renowned for its luxury furniture collections, Turri is pursuing its company mission, choosing the setting of the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbor, a well-established hub of British and European design culture.

Andrea Bonioni

The project for the new London showroom was entrusted to the creative mind of Andrea Bonini, the brand’s foremost designer, who developed the concept of the interiors and inserted elements to maximise the approximately 200 m2 surface area of the second floor of the iconic Design Centre, Chelsea Harbor.

Modern Dimension

The showroom embodies Turri’s most modern dimension, taking its inspiration from the Milan Flagship Store concept but enhancing and slightly modifying it with a series of more international and cosmopolitan interiors. The portrait of a contemporary living concept, located in a new international setting.