cover teneusWe would like to present our new book title OBJEKT©International – Luxury Living Around The World by Hans Fonk, which is published by teNeues.

“On the surface, he is a good looking gentlemen, quiet most times, but able to give a winning smile that is full of enthusiasm, charm, and wit! No wonder his magazine OBJEKT©International reflects his personality. But, in addition, the magazine brings to the reader a wide array of international, original interiors hardly seen in other media.Meeting Hans Fonk is a serendipitous event!

Somehow, this “pirate” finds treasures in all four corners of the world, and then captures the spirit of every nuance in each interior and presents it to his readers who are addicted to OBJEKT©International – one of the most luxurious magazines in the entire world. Every architect should be lucky enough to have his work captured through the lens of Hans Fonk. Same way with the interiors which always look spectacular and dramatic!

By luxurious, I mean the good taste, discretion he uses in cropping images properly, and with originality. The angles he shoots from, and the overall layout throughout is beyond normal expectations, and way above the standards design and architecture readers are accustomed to see.

Hans Fonk incessantly travels all four corners of the world and finds subjects that are so unique, settings that are so outstanding, and angles that only his critical eye and lens can see! In spite of his wide travels and hectic schedule, he manages to throw in a bunch of wit and tender moments and conservations that prove Hans is thinking and working with his heart.

This book reflects that: it is a compilation of the photos and productions he has made for OBJEKT©International in recent years.”

George M. Beylerian