Feng Hui

We are proud to present the first and brand new edition of OBJEKT Asia and introduce you to our Beijing based editor-in-chief Feng Hui. From Singapore to Beijing and from Miami Beach to Milano: within short time, we have received amazing amounts of enthusiasm and support from friends and partners all over the world, even before the first edition went to the printer.

This December, it happened that the world-renowned magazine OBJEKT©International turned 25 years. The number 25 is magical. Like the famous Hong Kong singer Tang Yonglin once said, “Don’t ask me about my age, I am forever 25, in heart.” It may seem young by human standards, but it is more like a century long in the world of art and design.

Around that time Philippe Stark started his solo career, Alexander Mc-Queen was still in high school and Rem Koolhaas’ groundbreaking book OMA: S,M,L,XL together with Bruce Mau was still in the making. Although the international edition was since day one in the center of the art and design field, the heart is still beating like a young man: pure, strong and full of curiosity.

As the new year of 2015 has just started, OBJEKT Asia is ready to provide a surprising and highly interesting read for the highly sophisticated crowd in Asia. It combines Asian content with top stories around the world in the same flavor as the international edition. Like a new born babe, who benefit tremendously from the international edition’s rich knowledge, the Asian edition is built by combining both insights in the world of creativity as well as a fresh pare of eyes looking at this fast-growing and fascinating market.