covers-OBJ-69webAmerica has always been a country of extremes in interior design: from ultra-traditional to over-the-top modern. Yet always with a certain fun factor. Anyone plunging into the festivities of Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami will immediately understand what that means. Although it’s impossible to ignore the current trend of ‘über-serious’ art and design talks – still, they are effectively offset by cheerful vivacity and positivism.

That is the very reason why OBJEKT©International takes part in such events.

The big OBJEKT©International party in Wynwood (during Art Basel Miami Beach), including quick painters, and the ubiquitous Clément Rum, is the perfect illustration of what can take place. As mediapartner of the prestigious interiors fair, Maison&Objet, we collaborate in the presentations in Paris, Singapore and Miami, and work closely with the new Whitney Museum in New York, and a trend-setting event like Shanghai Design.

OBJEKT©International’s American adventures are successfully coordinated from Los Angeles by Ludo Barras and Alaïa Fonk and, in view of the response from that part of the world, much of the present edition is devoted to American interior design. It is, unquestionably, a world of extremes: from the classic apartment in the historic Apthorp Building in New York City to the ultra-modern penthouse in the same city, and from Tommy Hilfiger’s sun- and art-filled home in Miami to the art pavilion in Seattle.

Art has always been inextricably bound with OBJEKT©International. Art also plays a part in the lives of leading taste makers in the fashion and design worlds. Patrizia Moroso is a striking example: she has put the eponymous Moroso on the map as a decidedly design-orientated brand. She derives much of her inspiration from the world of the arts and seeks to incorporate that spirit in the company’s creations. Successfully too, judging by Moroso’s performance during Art Basel Miami Beach and her design-mix presentation in Domus Tiandi in Beijing.

And if the arts don’t bring solace, you can always take to the sea. From the very start, OBJEKT©International has been reporting on the stunning creations of super-yacht builders, and this edition is by no means an exception. This is a world of long-established craftsmanship combined with modern design, where tradition and high-tech seem to fuse effortlessly and every yacht has its own individual story.