cover OBJEKT 68December 2014 is a memorable month, because exactly 25 years ago the first edition of OBJEKT©International was launched. Since then we have gone from strength to strength, spreading our wings over the entire world. During those 25 years we have run features on the crème de la crème of the international interior design world, interviewed famous art collectors and antique dealers, and spotlighted phenomena from the world of architecture and luxury yacht-building.

Accordingly, OBJEKT©International has prospered to become one of the world’s leading magazines, with new initiatives: OBJEKT China / Asia produced in Beijing and OBJEKT USA / Canada produced in Los Angeles. These two new publications will be presented at the beginning of 2015 with fitting festivities and symposiums.

In recent years the world of interior design has changed at a terrific pace, under the influence of globalization and the Internet. What remains unchanged is the appreciation for quality, and that quality has always been – and always will be – of paramount importance for OBJEKT©International. That also applies for the present edition, for which we travelled the world over, literally.

From the Caribbean to Beijing, and from Miami to Paris and the south of Italy. The central theme still being the fun aspect of interior design, be it classical or hyper-modern: intelligently designed and implemented, but primarily fun and, above all, free from ideology. Such joie-de-vivre is, for instance, evidenced in the productions made in Puglia, Italy, where culinary delights are intensely integrated in daily life. From there, it is just a short step to yachting and the Monaco Yacht Club, where OBJEKT©International was a guest at the Monaco Boat Show, and to Paris, where we visited two completely different interiors in the heart of the city – yet with one common denominator: the personal taste of the occupants and their quest for quality and their love for art. And that is absolutely in keeping with OBJEKT©International.