In 2020, Iittala introduces a new collection that helps to organize and display meaningful personal items. The collection, named Kuru, is designed by noted London based, British-Canadian designer Philippe Malouin. Kuru means gorge in Finnish and refers to a narrow valley between steep arctic hills where one can walk, kayak or ski in a calm, tranquil environment.


The Kuru collection consists of casted, handmade ceramic bowls in three different sizes, a smaller glass bowl and a mouth blown glass vase. The color range of the objects varies from dark green to beige and light grey, and the down to earth yet confident colors display meaningful items beautifully. The vase comes in frosted clear and frosted moss green glass and its shape is perfect for a single flower or a beautiful branch. The bowls group and elevate items from the surface which declutters and brings harmony to the home.


Malouin : “Each Kuru piece was designed to work together, to be mixed with other pieces or to have enough personality to stand on its own. Geometrical features like the bowls’ steep walls were challenging to make and required months of close collaboration with Iittala’s master craftsmen to create. Kuru’s geometrical shapes bring tranquility. People have an inlaid understanding of simple geometric forms from a really young age and we find understandable design calming. As a designer, I believe in refining and reducing the design, so that in the end items have a strong, refined design identity that people innately have infinity to. Kuru’s timeless design identity is not dependent on trends.”

British-Canadian designer Philippe Malouin is known for his interest in making quality products for people’s lives. Malouin believes that objects should be made to last and serve a practical purpose. His designs communicate a simple, geometric language that everyone can understand. He believes that people have an inlaid understanding of simple geometric forms from a really young age and understandable design is found calming.