Golden Triangle

Hotel Particulier Villeroy is situated in the VIII arrondissement in the heart of the Golden Triangle of Paris. It was inaugurated in December 2019 and is a true maison privè made up of two apartments, five suites and four rooms.

The building

The building which dates back to 1908, was built by Ernest Rahir and commissioned by Maurice Villeroy, a member of the founding family of Villeroy & Boch, as the home of his son Nicolas Lucien Villeroy. In 2014 it was designated as an historical monument.

For the renovation interiors of the new hotel, the Italian company Promemoria was chosen. They also produced all the furniture, demonstrating its ability to create projects, residential or contract, following the philosophy of contemporary luxury and extraordinary attention to detail.

The special apartments, the Grand Premier Suite, the Premier Suite and the Premier rooms are located on three separate floors for privacy, but can be inter-connecting as required.

The apartments which are respectively 115 and 110 square meters, are made up of a large day area which includes a sitting area enhanced with a marble fireplace, a dining area and an open kitchen modeled on the Promemoria Angelina kitchen.


Both day and night areas include pieces from the Promemoria collection as well as re-designed pieces and pieces created especially for this project both in terms of size and finishing. This in order to preserve harmony with the structural parts of the interior such as alcoves, built-in cabinets, wardrobes and mirrors..

The interior design is conceived as a private residence, offering a home with all the extra comforts, completed by a 24 hour butler service. The great central hall which leads to the three floors and also gives access to the Trente-Trois restaurant and Jean Goujon bar, are also designed by Promemoria.

The restoration project of the hotel has maintained the notable ceiling heights of between 3 and 5 meters. The colors are developed in soft shades of grey, while the comfortable and practical furniture made from the highest quality natural materials exalt the proportions of the environment they adorn.

The project is enriched by works of art, specifically created in polychrome by the artist Pierre Bonnefille, which grace the rooms, the public areas and the restaurant. The hotel is part of the chain The Collection.

© Photos: Richard Alcock, Alexis Narodetzky