A beautiful historical and monumental Amsterdam canal house has been turned into a spectacular high-end residential space with a daring design. In cooperation with Rachel van der Burg, owner of RHO interiors in Amsterdam. SolidNature has created this magnificent project.

It is an architectural and monumental pearl along one of the canals of Amsterdam. Entering the building, the eye automatically will focus on the kitchen. With dark emerald coloured walls, it oozes a feeling of luxury.

Herringbone Natural Stone

The herringbone wooden floor in the dining room subtly merges with a similar-sized herringbone created with natural stone. From the kitchen onwards, the floor is composed of high-end materials as different types of onyxes, travertines and marbles. The materials were selected in very close cooperation with designer Rachel van der Burg and the client.

The herringbone natural stone floor is now the eye-catcher of the kitchen, creating a beautiful mix of Marble, Travertine and Onyx in an offset against a show-stopping Green Onyx worktop.


Solid Nature

“The idea for such a spectacular floor started when we had some gross material after the cutting of the kitchen top, the hallway and bathroom. After the designer and I contemplated all possibilities to use the material in the most efficient way, we decided to use the salvaged stones for the herringbone kitchen floor. During the process we added more salvaged stones.

We believe in sustainability and always try to achieve the optimum. Nature has created these magnificent materials over millions of years and we try to use every valuable part of it,”

David Mahyari, CEO of SolidNature Group explains.

Photography: Peter Baas