Hanrad Bespoke Rugs

Hanrad Bespoke Rugs, a boutique company founded by New Zealand man Barry Radford and operating from Hong Kong, had their international debut in Paris in January 2020. The carpets made out of New Zeeland Wool, Bamboo and Silk and developed in close collaboration with famous artists captured the minds of an enthusiastic crowd.

New York City Blossom

Eye catcher was the New York City Blossom collection of carpets designed by the famous photographer Hans Fonk. The designs of this collection discovered a whole new way of looking at carpet design. The creative collaboration between Hans Fonk and Barry Radford, resulted in a real revelation of the approach to carpet designing in the future.

Barry Radford

Barry Radford , founder and creative director of Hanrad Bespoke Rugs: “What a wonderful and exciting journey it has been developing the Hanrad brand since its inception in 2006. The concept of Hanrad all began from a love of handcrafted textiles and art. Finding new ways to design and manufacture exclusive interior design products that incorporate the amazing talents of the highly skilled artisans and artists we have met and continue to meet through our travels.”

“As a boutique company which is passionate about what we do, we focus on creating high quality and unique products that are carefully nurtured through every stage of the design and manufacturing process.”

The development of Hanrad Bespoke Rugs came about through our involvement in Interior Design projects and the desire to create unique and luxurious interior design solutions.

He continued: “What better way is there to create a truly exclusive interior than through incorporating, into the design, a beautifully handcrafted rug, using unique designs, custom colors and luxurious materials to achieve something truly exceptional and exclusive. Our love of art is the inspiration for many of our custom rug designs. Collaborating with the artist, we create exceptional rugs that don’t just replicate the overall design but capture the true essence of the original artwork. We are not limited by the constraints of restricted color use or techniques as we strive to innovate and develop ways to fully embrace the challenges of creating exquisite bespoke rugs.”

Bespoke Collections

All of the rugs are truly bespoke. Every Hanrad rug is individually designed and handcrafted in any design, color, size and material choice that best suits the requirements of our client. Although there is an amazing collection of designs in the Hanrad portfolios the creators are not limited by them and love working on commissions, working directly with clients to create exclusive one-off design for their home or projects.

Beside working together with Hans Fonk, Hanrad collaborated with Dandan Dai, Chen Xin, Tang Huawei and Christine Harris.