It is a place with healthy grains and imperfections, where there are no stitching machines, no cardboards, and no paint. Working with two achievements: beauty and faithfulness, Maison Takuya only produces exquisitely crafted leather products. Just outside the old center of Chiang Mai you will find the factory and studio of Francois Russo. Maison Takuya is a place where Francois and his team have an obsession with sourcing the ultimate hides, and they are committed to take all the time needed to make the best possible leather goods. A well guarded secret amongst connoisseurs, this small artisanal luxury leather goods company can barely keep up with the demand from clients as it is.

Francois Russo is the creative director and founder of Maison Takuya, a company founded in 2008, and which designs luxury leather goods. Maison Takuya was born from the merging of influences and techniques gleaned over the world to create luxury leather goods of the highest quality. The name came from combining the French word for house with a generic Japanese name that encapsulates forward-thinking. Maison Takuya is a home to a group of people obsessed with detail. They control the integrality of the process from the beginning to the end, and never subcontract. Training the best craftsmanship from start to finish, Francois proudly continues a tradition of artisanal craftsmanship.

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