“As architects we believe it is necessary to deeply tune with the reality in which we live, to face the changes we are subjected to. Architecture has the task of responding to people and places’ needs. Thus we want to create places that are loved.”

The architecture studio Piuarch from Milan, Italy, won the Refurbishment in Architecture Award 2019 with the the urban redevelopment project of the Gucci Hub.In a statement Piuarch commented: “All the buildings we work on integrate seamlessly into the landscape, taking advantage of its construction, materials and aesthetics, becoming an offshoot instead of a graft.

Old Caproni Factory

In this sense, the recovery of the old Caproni factory in via Mecenate in Milan is exemplary, which has now become the Gucci Hub. It was awarded for the extraordinary nature and cohesion of the restoration and refurbishment of the structures. In fact, in addition to the aesthetic and technical requirements of energy saving, for clients commissioning a building, also the sustainable use of the space was very important.”In their opinion design can no longer ignore a transversal and at the same time unique concept that could meet different urgencies, such as energy savings, liveability of spaces, well-being and green areas, redevelopment, social inclusion, preservation of the urban and environmental context.

Attention to these aspects is crucial to have an international and contemporary approach in shaping our vision of the city and architecture of the future.