GANDIABLASCO celebrates its new Los Angeles showroom

Flagship Showroom

A new showroom is a hymn to the sophisticated and Mediterranean essence of GANDIABLASCO. From the beaches of Spain to the hills of Los Angeles, MASS Beverly presented the modern and sophisticated European outdoors collections of the outdoor furniture of the brand at its newly opened furniture gallery in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Just as the LCDQ LEGENDS festival drew to a close, the new flagship showroom was officially opened with a cocktail party. Hundreds of attendees from the LA design community gathered and mingled in a stylish and cheerful atmosphere.

‘The Outdoors’ 

The new showroom, called The Outdoors, features North America’s largest GANDIABLASCO brand display, showcasing innovative and dynamic out-door furniture that will delight the west coast audience. The space has been designed by architect and newly appointed Creative Director, Daniel Germani, who is now at the helm of the creative direction of GANDIABLASCO’s outdoor furniture brand.

The muted, black finishes of the DNA collection designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, President and Creative Director of Gandia Blasco group and the SOLANAS collection by Daniel Germani, interpreted in a distinct metallic gold representing an evolved aesthetic and figure, are prominently shown in the 3000 sq. ft. display space of the new showroom.


GAN, Gandia Blasco group’s textile br  and, lead by Creative Director Mapi Millet, also adds its unique flair to the showroom space with the Mangas Space modular collection designed by Patricia Urquiola. This collection dives deep into three-dimensional textures and bold color blocks, creating informal seating areas with interweaving cross-shaped rugs. Also on display at MASS Beverly’s new outdoor showroom, the Garden Layers: the brand’s first outdoor collection inspired by designer Patricia Urquiola’s trips to India. It creates a unique outdoor living concept referencing the Mughal Indians’ ancient custom of reclining on carpets and cushions in their gardens.