The first outdoor collection specially designed to always live outside. 

The New Garden Layers Elements

First, there were rugs, cushions and mattresses that could be combined together. Now, Garden Layers grows with two new elements that contribute to increasing the comfort and functionality of the collection: Indian beds and side tables. 

Garden Layers, GAN‘s first outdoor collection, was inspired by the ancient custom of Mughal Indians of reclining on carpets and cushions in their gardens and terraces, a practice itself drawn from the Persian culture. Patricia Urquiola wanted to take this rich oriental legacy to the realm of contemporary design, creating a completely innovative space that invites the user to relax outdoors and uses the latest generation of outdoor materials and updated aesthetic codes. 

The collection, presented at Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2017, won the prestigious NYCxDESIGN award for the Outdoor category that very same year, and now continues to grow. Two additional elements extend Garden Layers to create an even more comfortable and practical space: an Indian bed and a side table. The bed, which is available in single or double formats, complements the existing rugs, mattresses and cushions. The auxiliary tables improve the functionality of the collection and create multipurpose surfaces.

Indoor Comfort

“I think we are demonstrating that outdoor spaces are a very large and unexplored workspace“

, summarizes Patricia Urquiola, designer of Garden Layers. This is an adventure that began with the desire of GAN and Urquiola to translate GAN designs into outdoor products. The goal is to create outdoor spaces that are warm, comfortable and of superb quality, which facilitates the same tranquility we can find in cozy interiors.

Patricia Urquiola was inspired by the fabrics, colors and Mughal artisanal techniques, but adds in-novative materials that improve their resistance and comfort. Garden Layers is the beginning of a journey that drinks from the East and the West, of craftsmanship and technological innovation, to find the best solution. A new family of beds and tables has been added to the initial collection, but who knows what the next step will be? Garden Layers is, in this way, an open collection that ques-tions our relationship with the exterior, nourished by different cultures, and that uses traditions to bring those influences back to the present.