Esben Holmboe Bang is the new Gaggenau ambassador to the far North.

Uncompromising, honest and respectful describes the culinary style that has taken Dane Esben Holmboe Bang to the heart of the gourmet scene. In his restaurant Maaemo in Oslo he uses only organic ingredients, of which 85 percent is local. In 2012 it was elected Norway’s best restaurant, and it is the country’s only holder of two Michelin stars. Esben Holmboe Bang is the new Gaggenau brand ambassador in the far north.

In the wake of trends like fusion food or molecular cuisine, the gourmet scene is becoming increasingly enamoured with regional products. The young elite clique of chefs in Scandinavian countries in particular, adheres to this approach, reaping international recognition along the way. As Esben Holmboe Bang remarks: “Our style reflects Norway’s untamed nature, its landscapes, the elements.” “Maaemo”, the name of his restaurant, is emblematic – the old Finnish word means “Mother Earth”.