For Design Miami / 2016, François Laffanour presented a selection of pieces realized for Chandigarh, in India. Designed as an architecture of Le Corbusier, the exhibition space brought together exceptional works by Pierre Jeanneret and Le Corbusier.

After TEFAF and Design Miami / Basel, it was the first time that François Laffanour devoted an entire exhibition to this furniture on this side of the Atlantic, also bringing together by pieces  from Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé.

In 1951, Le Corbusier was commissioned by the Indian government to head the Chandigarh project. The brief involved designing a new city the size of a capital, ‘an expression of faith in India’s future’. Pierre Jeanneret would supervise the construction of the Capitol’s major administrative buildings designed by his cousin, and would himself create the rest of the city, with the help of several Indian architects, including S.D. Sharma. Among other works, he put his name to the university campus with his famous library (the Gandhi Bhawan), numerous residential quarters and different administrative buildings.

Pierre Jeanneret was also given the task of designing furniture suited to this project. To prosecute his modern ideas, the architect called upon local craftsmen to invent original furniture adapted to the place.