Winner of international Chinese competition

Architecture studio Zeller & Moye won the international architectural competition MOLEWA (Mount Lu Estate of World Architecture) in Ruichang, China with an innovative housing design that sets new standards in low-energy use. Construction is planned to start in 2016.

The ‘Flower Terraces’ sit in the heart of the circular city of Ruichang, China. Referring to traditional Chinese housing motifs, the Flower Terraces arrange living areas as individual volumes around green outdoor spaces. The individually shaped apartments let the residents sense that they live in a unique ‘house’, rather than a numbered unit along a corridor. The seasonal warm temperatures of Ruichang allow for private and communal life to happen not only inside but also outside. The generous terraces become integral living spaces and an essential and characteristic element of the buildings. Similar to overhanging roofs in historic Chinese houses, a series of cantilever slabs create protected outdoor areas in front of the apartments. Foldable wooden shutter elements clad all apartments not only to provide privacy to the interiors but also to protect from direct sun and to allow natural ventilation across the apartments.

Zeller & Moye was founded by Christoph Zeller and Ingrid Moye as an architectural studio that operates with an interdisciplinary and global approach, with bases in Mexico City and Berlin.