Matters – Rethinking Materials will be in show at Designmuseum Danmark’s outdoor Museum Plaza from 28 Aug 2019 – 29 Mar 2020. Bredgade 68, 1264 København K.


Designmuseum Danmark and CHART proudly present Matters – rethinking materials, an exhibition showcasing unique pieces by five Nordic designers, investigating new and innovative ways of using material. The pieces will be shown in the five outdoor exhibition cases in Designmuseum Danmarks new Museum Plaza this fall.


Matters presents five young Nordic designers who show a visionary approach to rethink how materials, ranging from the synthetic to the organic, can shape new conceptual ideas for a more sustainable future. The exhibition is part of CHARTs Curio initiative and will this year be developed in close collaboration with Designmuseum Danmark, where it will be shown.

“Matters illustrates how young Nordic designers work with material innovation. They use the rising global challenges as a catalysator for new conceptual design ideas.

To reshape society for the better, they push the boundaries of materials by rethinking the design process and mixing man-made inventions with often overlooked materials and mechanisms derived from nature. At Designmuseum Danmark we have dedicated our new outdoor Museum Plaza to show thought-provoking, new and innovative contemporary design, which Matters is a great example of,” says curator at Designmuseum Danmark, Pernille Stockmarr, who has co-curated the exhibition.

The first designers confirmed 

Among the exhibited designers is Finish cabinetmaker and designer Antrei Hartikaninen whose practice is centered around wood. Hartikaninen explores the boundaries between art, utility and aesthetic concept and was named Young Designer of the Year 2018 by Design Forum Finland. Another exhibiting designer is Danish Kathrine Barbro Bendixen. Bendixen is working progressively with innovative, and some might say unorthodox, use of materials. In this exhibition she takes animal entrails to new aesthetic and functional levels in her search for sustainable solutions. The full list of designers will be announced shortly.

 Matters is curated by Line Ulrika Christiansen, Institute Head at Domus Academy Milano, in collaboration with Pernille Stockmarr, curator at Design Museum Denmark. Matters is presented at Designmuseum Danmark’s newly completed exhibitions vitrines in front of the museum.