Overlooking La Croisette, the top floor of the Hotel Martinez was the venue for the Chopard Rooftop throughout this year’s Festival. Flexform furnished this bespoke location.

The Chopard hosted its guests in an exclusive, elegant setting, entirely decorated with soft colours. Flexform refurbished the lounge-area with elegant and comfortable pieces, such as the sophisticated armchairs and ottomans; the vip room was embellished with sofa’s and small tables. Last but not least, special chairs were placed in the boutiques and iconic Flexform armchairs were used both in the vip lounge and the wall of fame.

The affinity and the elegance that characterizes the two trademarks, one in the production of exclusive jewelery, the other one in the world of home furnishings made in Italy, made the collaboration unique specially in a such magical setting as the Cannes Film Festival is. The light-filled suite was extended by a large terrace offering an exceptional view over Cannes, La Croisette and the Palais des Festivals. This timeless space refelected the rhythm of the Festival while providing an escape from the frenzy of La Croisette.