FENDI Casa unveils a collection that takes inspiration from nature and the colors of the earth, introducing unique and elegant elements and details.

Characterized by timeless products and able to stand out in different situations, thanks to an everlasting style and design. The new products feature a versatility that allows their transformation according to the needs and colors whose intensity can now be modulated thanks to modern technologies.

Even the materials help to define the uniqueness and preciousness of the collection, reflecting the echo of ancient mastery of craftsmen and artists reinterpreted through innovative techniques. Nature in the end appears several times in the collection, with its colors, its shapes and its suggestions.

Bentley Home

The new Bentley Home collection takes shape in an elegant, exclusive and unique New York penthouse. A house where the luxury of an exclusive and inimitable lifestyle, allows for a moment of calm, becoming a counterpoint of the perpetual movement of New York skyline. A space where the beauty, quality and refined elegance of the Bentley Home pieces enhance the daily life of those who live there.

The Newent line, designed by Carlo Colombo, ,reveals organic and soft shapes that enclose fine leathers, fabrics and curves emblematic of the Bentley world inside an elegant shell that has a iconic curved profile made possible by state of the art techniques.

Elegance and comfort are also the main characteristics of the Swan line, inside a living room furnished with the new Eastwood bookcase: pure in its design, perfectly expressing the style of the British brand and designed by Carlo Colombo.