Eye-D designed by Ofist, Yasemin Arpac & Sabahattin Emir, in Istanbul, is a multi purpose venue. It’s a blogger spot, a meeting point, an art gallery, a coffee shop or a music venue. More importantly, it is a space based upon human experience. A place where you not only shop, but involve in other experiences, being aware of your surrounding and valuing it.

Social Optical Shop

Eye-d is not just designed to be an optical shop. No business is just the business itself anymore. Everything is social. In crowded metropolises like Istanbul, life is busy, fast and hard. Sparing time for everything and everyone is almost impossible. So maybe that’s why we are always doing many things at a time; having a morning coffee, while checking mails and news, adding stories to instagram, following friends to catch up with what they are doing, and also keep on doing our work.

We also try to relate ourselves with the environments around us. Let’s call this user experience. So, Eye-D is not just a shop, but a multi purpose venue.

Clean Cut

It is a new concept for an optical shop. Wearing spectacles or sunglasses used to be a technical need but it has now become fashionable. To fulfill this purpose, shops were designed hygienically, as if designing a health care space. Clean cut. Sterile. Clinical.

The Ofist Designers

Our approach was to create a cozy, interactive, user friendly environment, appropriate to human scale, in the middle of the chaotic city.

“It is a space designed to be adapted to different purposes easily, while developing a communication with its user. We think the strongest instrument of achieving this is the extraordinary use of simple and familiar materials/ideas.

We came up with just a few simple, yet very strong design ideas and shaped the whole space within that framework. One of these ideas was to form an iron frame work and panels that create a multi purpose background, allowing easy arrangements for different needs like showcasing glasses as well as art works. The other idea was to assign a light, familiar, friendly element, something simple in form and size, and generate a space using it all around.

We decided on cork yoga blocks and ended up hanging 550 of them in 105m² area, 95 of them with light sources. We also hung a 4m long plywood table laminated cork on both sides, from just four corners to the ceiling. Matching cork Bob stools from Modus are wandering around.” 

Photography: Ali Bekman