Moooi presents A Life Extraordinary during Salone del Mobile 2017

Exploring the world of interiors, this year’s presentation of Moooi at Salone Del Mobile consisted of different areas which all have their own functional appearance. With hospitality in mind Moooi has created an atmosphere of extraordinary attention & dedication and literally invite people to come closer.

‘The images use a delicate and odd language that reflects a life extraordinary”

– Marcel Wanders

During the show Moooi announced the launch of over 20 new designs and products. Crafted from designers’ dreams of Maarten Baas, Joost van Bleiswijk, Rick Tegelaar, Luca Nichetto, Bertjan Pot, Frank Tjepkema, Edward van Vliet and Marcel Wanders, the new range of furniture and lightning designs raised the bar of sophistication and comfort.

The Dutch design company founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers took the show to another level this year. By colliding made hospitality and residential design Moooi exceeds the needs and desires of both worlds and continues exploring the world of interior. Find your way home in comfortable sofa’s, set your imagination and have fun with tables shaped like wooden toy cars, or set your world on fire with 4 striking new decorative lightning designs powered by LEDs.

Showing in Milan alongside Moooi’s new product lines, Biss’ photography proves that no detail is ever too small. Dramatic impact can be created by even the tiniest of things. Printed larger than life, these details reveal themselves in a straightforward way and invite you to come closer.

In striking high-resolution Biss provides the viewer a unique opportunity to study and appreciate this hidden world of beauty. Formed at scales too tiny for us to perceive and with astonishing complexity, the true structure and beauty of insects remains mostly hidden. Their intricate shapes, colours and microsculpture are dizzying in their variety, and it takes the power of an optical microscope or camera lens to experience insects at their own scale.

To recap this extraordinary story of life: Creative luxury for a well curated living.