We live, every day, a journey,  where it is important to assimilate ideas and give birth to projects that arouse emotions according to the Italian mosaic manufacturer Sicis.

As they put it “Sicis truly is, our Italian heart, our passion, our concreteness, our values, because we believe it is important to keep our ideas tight and believe in them even more. When we think of an architectural project, we think of the events that could take place in these spaces or in the surroundings; ordinary life scenes, moments, dreams. We want to tell a story, a lifestyle, give rise to a space that becomes a significant component of the people who will live it.”

In their products past and future come together in materials, decorations, finishes, furniture that represent them both. It is a cultural journey with contemporary objects and details capable of following an evolution, yet timeless.

The company combines production dynamics with the individual passions of artisans and artists, in a continuous exchange and mutual assistance. One brings discipline and the other gives vision, in a perfect combination of matter, art, design and craftsmanship.

It is a continuous path of research and comparison, a combination of culture, glamor, intuition of new products, mosaic art, design and innovation. As a result, at Sicis they think and create interiors, mosaics, Vetrite, art, design and architectural projects.