Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Over 50 works by 23 internationally acclaimed artists set in dialog with Italian master collection and architecture of Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro, that resonate with Venice’s rich history of artistic expression and craftsmanship.

Presented by Carpenters Workshop Gallery the exhibition was envisioned and made possible through the innovative partnership with Lombard Odier. It also marked the launch of the digital magazine The Design Edit by Carpenters Workshop Gallery.


DYSFUNCTIONAL showcases new collectible design and artworks by 23 international artists. Breaking the boundaries between art and design, over 50 works seek to forget functionality whilst celebrating the power of artistic expression and extraordinary craftsmanship. Carpenters Workshop Gallery provides a platform for new site-specific works to complement the Renaissance and Baroque collection of baron Giorgio Franchetti which is on permanent display at the Ca’ d’Oro. Throughout the three-story palazzo, named after the gilt decorations which once adorned the façade, the sculptures are displayed to create a sense of wonder and discovery, celebrating the venue’s rich history.



Julien Lombrail and Loic Le Gaillard, co-founders of Carpenters Workshop Gallery, comment:

“We decided to stage DYSFUNCTIONAL during the world’s most important art exhibition, the Venice Art Biennale, to question what defines an artwork, why can artworks not be functional and when does design become art?

The idea of dysfunction, defined as ‘the disruption of normal social relations’, invites visitors to rethink the conventional relationship between form and function, art and design, the historical and the modern. In partnership with Lombard Odier, with whom we share the same vision, we want to invite visitors to go on an immersive journey in time and explore the blurred lines between art and design in the context of the rich Venetian heritage.”

Artists featured in DYSFUNCTIONAL:

Virgil Abloh, Maarten Baas, Giovanni Leonardo Basan, Campana Brothers, Nacho Carbonell, Wendel Castle, Vincenzo de Cotiis, Ingrid Donat, Studio Drift, Vincent Dubourg, Kendell Geers, Stuart Haygarth, Studio Job, Michele Lamy, Mathieu Lehanneur, Frederik Molenschot, Rick Owens, Rnadom International, Connor Tingley, Charles Trevelyan, Morgane Tschiember,  Verhoeven Twins, Atelier van Lieshout, Notes.