Ciarmoli and Queda

The aesthetics of the Milanese design du Ciarmoli and Queda are the focus of a narrative journey that speaks the language of the seventh art and brings together the lexicon of design and the language of cinema.

After ushering in this combination in various previous projects, it now entrusts its new concept A Vision of Contract to a short film: the first contract collection of Italian design that can be customised online.

This interpretation of the hotel & contract market as seen through the codes of Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda draw on the specialist production leadership of UNO Contract.


Creativity meets enterprise: the company’s CEO, Mauro Tabaro, has fully embraced the vision of Ciarmoli Queda Studio, who, besides providing the original idea, will also be in charge of artistic direction and design.
Further impetus will be brought to the project by the commercial skills of the online marketplace Artemest and the Métaphores fabrics, a company that belongs to Hermès’ textile division, chosen by Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda.

The first collection, UNO Essential, will be previewed exclusively on from September 2020.

In a constant balance, the relationship between function and form creates an authentic “comfortable luxury”. No element is merely decorative. Emotions are in harmony with proportions; the personality is in tune with the clean lines. Contours inspired by nature acquire a delicate geometric regularity. The circle is the protagonist. With simplicity and balance, warm and cold hues intertwine unexpectedly but never randomly: shades that call to mind nature’s most intense countenance (the warmest earthy colours, the full yellows…); pale nuances of linens reminiscent of stone or sand; dark velvets announcing the colour of the depths, somewhere between ink and brown.

In 2016, Ciarmoli and Queda were the first to adopt the conceptual lens of auteur cinema to speak of design. The collaboration with Matteo Garrone saw a short film by the latter being a focal point of the installation Before Design: Classic, commissioned by Milan’s Salone del Mobile and dedicated to classic “made in Italy” taste as a timeless, transversal category of living. Presented in Dubai, Tokyo, St Petersburg and New York, Before Design: Classic. Tradizione nel futuro made the duo into Italian design ambassadors throughout the world.