MUT Design

The Spanish design team MUT Design from Valencia, as the Guest of Honor of imm cologne 2020, The International Furniture Fair, designed a visionary living concept, with its installation Das Haus.

Das Haus 2020

It was all about the dissolution of boundaries of interiors, as well as opening up toward nature.  Already the title of their design for Das Haus 2020: “A la Fresca!” provided clues as to the direction in which the living concept of the Spanish design team MUT Design moved: outwards.

Architectural creation

In the process, the international interiors show imm cologne 2020 once again played host to a highly architectural creation. MUT Design allowed themselves to be inspired for their design by simple geometric shapes. However, the way in which the simple curve had been transferred by the designers into architectural volumes, was anything but simple. The square ground area was dissected by convex wall panels and dissolved into four round rooms arranged around a central residual space that were completely open outwards.

The circular general outline was framed by a flat square of reflective metal, which symbolizes water broken up by grasses. Artificial light was largely avoided. Instead, Das Haus radiated from within: the cave-like private area located in the center between diagonally convergent wall panels, was illuminated by a light source that aimed to imitate the natural light of the sun as it moves across the sky over the course of the day.


Das Haus 2020 was reminiscent of a classical pavilion: formed from the combination of a circle and a square, styled with minimalist furnishings, open on all sides. The colors of this Albufera lagoon landscape were the inspiration for Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, who founded MUT Design in 2010.
With their abstract approach, the designers had succeeded in making an aesthetically persuasive and, thanks to their notion of a hybrid space, appealing statement in support of a living concept that unites architecture and nature, the indoors and outdoors and the  opportunities for privacy and communal living.

A la Fresca

With the title “A la Fresca” – out into the freshness before the door, the Spaniards’ referred to the culture that still persists in the villages of meeting up in the streets and squares of an evening.

Das Haus by MUT Design took this idea to extremes with its architectural design, which is entirely open to its surroundings. As simple as it is revolutionary: inside and outside turned on their heads