In the 2015 collection by Dedar, Milano, different moods and sources of inspiration co-exist and contaminate each other: craftsmanship, uniqueness, irregularity, comfort, elegance, timelessness, tailoring, tribal motifs, pictorial effects, soft metal, melange colours, tie-dyeing, warp printing, chambray weaves, depth of colour and material.

Textures have been given a new interpretation: irregular, densely woven and soft to confer sophisticated tactile sensations made of silk, metal, braid and cord. Patterns express this mingling of unfettered inspiration. Ribbon remnants, pictorial surfaces, tribal motifs, tie-dye, geometric reflections, metallic graphisms.

Each technique is chosen with a particular form of expression in mind: inkjet printing for pictorial and dripping effects, warp printing for tie-dye inspired patterns to achieve a blurred and abstract rendering of geometric designs, screen printing with pigments on raw silk grounds for tribal motifs, jacquard for ribbons, interlaced effects, metallic graphisms and quilted textures.







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