Coconut & Sandalwood

Fresh top notes of creamy Filipino coconut milk and spicy-sweet cinnamon melt flawlessly into a heart of honeyed jasmine, cedarwood and copahu; comforting sandalwood, guaiac wood and vetiver blend for rounded, subtle depth. This is the scent of the Serene Coco & Sandalwood collection by Molton Brown.

Elements of Nature

Molton Brown, the London scent expert, brings comfort to your home with the sacred element sandalwood. Sandalwood is a cherished element in religious and spiritual traditions of the East, used for meditation and calming the mind. In perfumery it has the role of a harmonizing note, adding a graceful aroma without overpowering the top and heart notes. The exotic fruit coconut releases a fresh, soft scent reminiscent of powdery-white sand beaches and warm summer days. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps skin to naturally rid of toxins, while providing the perfect combination of hydration and antioxidants.

Design to match the Scent

Bring the serenity of a Filipino beach into your home with the Serene Coco & Sandalwood Home Fragrance Collection,

featuring sophisticated and elegant scented candlesaroma reeds and home and linen mist. This collection fills the home with a relaxing, lingering exotic scent, while the packaging is also very serene and refined. The products will not disturb the design of your home, but compliment it with luxury. The design of the products is as worldly and delicate as the scent and developed with as much care.

Loved and Praised

The collection is very loved by the public and praised with many good reviews, such as:

“perfect combination of coconut and sandalwood. on my fifth bottle. scent has a good projection off skin.”

“From the first time I tried a Molton Brown product, I fell in love……..such a elegant product.”

“I bought this for myself and love it. Weekly spray the bed linen, daily shower and special moments for the candle. Will be reordering.”

About Molton Brown

Molton Brown, the London scent expert, has through the years created collections of signature scents for women and men, that have claimed iconic status with their striking colors and vibrant scents. They only have created scents that reflect their unconditional belief in creative originality.

Consisting of bath and shower gels, eau de toilettes, home and hand care blends, the collections are compiled since 1973 from ingredients from all over the world by award-winning perfumers. Every Molton Brown creation is a special experience. Besides the exquisite scents, special attention is paid to the packaging so the products look nice in every bathroom.