The Japanese design studio Nendo and its founder designer Oki Sato were called Designer of the Year by Maison & Objet 2015.

For the occasion Nendo created at the Paris Fair a Chocolatexture Lounge with pieces of furniture including the “soft melting feel”, designed by Nendo for Cappellini, Desalto, Glas Italia, Emeco, Offecct, and Moroso.

Its also showcased nine limited edition types of chocolate. While each are the same size, not a single piece from the Chocolatexture collection look alike. That’s because Oki Sato, who leads the Tokyo and Milan-based firm, rethought the concept of chocolate by focusing on texture. “There are many factors that determine a chocolate’s taste,” says Sato, referring to factors like the origin of cocoa, the percentage used, and the various different flavors. But by instead turning his attention to attributes like pointy, smooth and rough, the designer has created distinctive chocolates that all use identical ingredients but taste completely different due to the various textures.

Each of the 9 chocolates were inspired by an onomatopoeic word from the Japanese language that describes texture. The chocolates correspond with words like “toge toge” (sharp pointy tips), “sube sube” (smooth edges and corners) and “zara zara” (granular, like a file).

Portrait and stand photo by Hans Fonk