In French, Chambar loosely translates to: “When the teacher’s away, the kids go crazy.”

Many people thought Chef Nico Schuermans and wife Karri were indeed crazy when they first opened their doors a decade ago. Since then, Chambar has become one of Vancouver, BC’s top destination restaurants.
In that time, an entirely new neighbourhood sprang up around the restaurant as Beatty Street’s derelict car parks and vacant buildings were transformed into the fashionable condos and boutiques of “Crosstown.”

After 10 years in the same location, owner Karri Schuermans was ready for the next step: moving the entire enterprise next door into a much larger, 10,000 square-foot, two-storey, 1912 heritage building. He asked Karri to create an interior that reflected the natural beauty of Canada’s West Coast. “My intention was to create a room that was more than a restaurant space,” says Schuermans. “I wanted to make a cultural contribution. Vancouver has finally realized it can be independent of mass trends and celebrate its own artists and designers in an international context.”