Ceramiche Refin, the Italian ceramic tiles specialist, presented to the international architects and interior designers her ‘Labyrinth’, the new geometrical and versatile collection created by Giulio Iacchetti for DesignTaleStudio.

The Labyrinth project challenges the traditional square tile, overthrows standardized solutions and offers versatile module-based components for bold compositions creating different patterns with endless possible arrangements.

It is the first tile flooring collection ever conceived by this ‘disobedient’ Italian designer and it stems from a simple and peculiar geometrical insight. The collection was developed thanks to the support by the most innovative tile company: Refin.

“Surfaces can be altered by a slight laying change; the eye gets lost in intricate zigzag effects, mirror-like, symmetrical or orderless, creating “a sense of infinite, an unlimited graphic development,” according Giulio Iacchetti.