Living The Italian Life In an Amsterdam Canal House

OBJEKT© The Inside Series "Living The Italian Life In an Amsterdam Canal House" Published in OBJEKT©International issue 77. OBJEKT©International takes you "Inside" Roberto Payer's house. The relatively small house is build in 1705. It is the m... Read More.

Windsor Florida

A letter by honorary editor-in-chief of OBJEKT©USA|Canada, Sasha Josipovicz  What started 28 years ago as a philanthropist’s dream is now considered to be on... Read More.

Pierced By A Nautilus

August 2016. Toronto, Canada. Studio Pyramid Inc. is multidisciplinary company with aim for originality and design integrity. They just finished this townhouse in Yorkville, Toronto, and flew us over to shoot the place. “The traditional English s... Read More.

Spanish Dimensions in Amsterdam

Miguel Ybáñez, born in Madrid, lives and works in Amsterdam and Ampurdan. Art is Miguel's livelihood; totally absorbed in his craft. He works in seclusion for l... Read More.

Hand Stitching And Healthy Grains At Maison Takuya

PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO & TEXT ALAÏA FONK It is a place with healthy grains and imperfections, where there are no stitching machines, no cardboards, and no paint. Working with two achievements: beauty and faithfulness, Maison Takuya only produces e... Read More.