Navigators. A journey into Sanlorenzo’s shipyards

Exhibition “Navigators. A journey into Sanlorenzo's shipyards” Casa dei Tre Oci, Venice, 31st August – 02 novembre 2019 Sanlorenzo proudly presents Sanlorenzo, one of the world's leading producers of yachts and superyachts, in conjunction with ... Read More.

Sicis Goes Vietnam

Casa D'Arte - Sicis Home Gallery Sicis, the Italian glass mosaic specialist, has opened its ‘Casa D’Arte - Sicis Home Gallery’ in the city of Ho Chi Minh City,... Read More.

Social House by Xintiandi

Kokaistudios Hybrid and holistic, Social House by Xintiandi is a multifunctional space comprising retail, F&B, and lifestyle elements. Positioned across two floors of the recently renovated Xintiandi Plaza in Shanghai’s central business district... Read More.

The Iconic Wallytender

A fast success Ferretti Group Following a period of strategic partnership, the iconic Wally brand is now fully owned by Ferretti Group. The acquisition has al... Read More.

Time & Style Amsterdam by Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma “Furniture that blends into the surroundings I want tables and chairs to be light and delicate. Such elegant pieces are content to play a supporting role and never attempt to steal the spotlight. The starring roles are performed by our h... Read More.


Revealed at the historic Arsenale of Venice Race It is called "Race" and is 50 meters long for a maximum beam of 9 meters. It is the first model of the Riva S... Read More.