Art Rotterdam 2019

Hosted at the Van Nelle Factory, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 20th Anniversary Art Rotterdam Art Rotterdam celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2019 in the ... Read More.

“Static Mythologies & Connecting Time”

Galerie Ron Mandos presents Static Mythologies, an exhibition with new works by Daniel Arsham. The artist is well-known for his ‘fictional archaeology’, sculptures depicting iconic cultural objects from our time, turned into relics. Static Mythologi... Read More.

Transito Through the Roof

Transito is far from a regular exhibition. It is created by the Dutch architects of Space Encounters and designed as an architectural structure consisting of 2... Read More.

Diego Giacometti at the Musée Picasso, Paris

The exhibition ‘Diego Giacometti at the musée Picasso in Paris’ explores the genesis of the exceptional commission assigned to Diego Giacometti for the Musée national Picasso-Paris on the occasion of its opening in October 1985. 17 May - 4 November ... Read More.

Southern Guild Opens New Gallery in Cape Town

Southern Guild will open their new gallery with inaugural show of SA's design stalwarts this June. Celebrating the most lauded local design heroes, Southern Guild, Africa's only design gallery representing collectible, limited-edition work from the c... Read More.