TRU-M, founded by Malaysian-American interior designer Michael Goo and Chinese fashion designer Wang Chu, opened in February with a show of large-scale installations focusing on the relationship between people and public spaces. The current show that opened on Wednesday assembles old things to create a sense of history in a modern way.

“We want to tell people that art is not distant from life. Art is life, and life is art. We are trying to do the show in a way that can attract youngsters,”

Goo says of his decision to set up an art space in a shopping area surrounded by hip stores instead of at an art hub in the city. The show is divided into three parts to present the classical aura-bottles, vintage jewelry and antique coins.

Hans Fonk, an Amsterdam-based photographer and art director of the magazine Objekt, is presenting his series on bottles found in a canal in his city. These bottles are more than 300 years old and were thrown in by locals. After decades of erosion, the bottles have changed colors, which reflect in his images against a black leather background. Hans was fascinated by the bottles after seeing them in Ruud Van Der Neut his antique collection.

Before this series, Hans Fonk produced another series on stones he found at the Forbidden City in Beijing. The series of photos were printed on rice paper, making them look like Chinese ink paintings. The photographer met Goo in February, and Goo invited him to display his bottle series at the ongoing show.

If you are in Beijing, drop by to check out the ‘17th-Century Bottles from Amsterdam‘ series by Hans Fonk at Beijing Sanlitun North Village.

Interview: China Daily