Argentinean cultural destination Casa Cavia have appointed the acclaimed chef Julieta Caruso as head of its newly expanded restaurant and kitchen.

Her conceptual new menu takes its cue directly from Casa Cavia’s publishing house roots, drawing inspiration from a long list of classic books and authors from around the world.

“Each dish contains a story.  Each dish is a story,” says Guadalupe Garcia Mosqueda, Founder and Creative Director of Casa Cavia.  “At Casa Cavia we ask ourselves how letters and food are linked, what stories inspire dishes and what dishes inspire stories?”  Embracing this philosophy, diners are encouraged to experience eating food in new and inventive ways, all of which relate to quotes and excerpts from famous literature including Oliver Twist, Gone With The Wind and Ulysses, plus many more.  Meanwhile, drinks will be based on the preferred wines, spirits and cocktails of the famous authors.