The new Milan Shop of Bottega Ghianda, is the new magical place dedicated to a love for wood and artisanal know-how. Situated in Brera, on via Formentini n. 9, where the cobbles of the alleyway meet the square of San Carpoforo’s church, the Shop is designed by architect Michele De Lucchi, Bottega Ghianda’s artistic director.

The Shop is a delightful little box of about ninety m2 characterised by a warm and simple elegance. It may feel like an art gallery or even a jewellery store: but wood takes the place of gold and splendour exudes exclusively from objects that bear witness to a mastery of production techniques. And there they are: the Bottega Ghianda’s products. Each piece, a unique creation that’s always the result of manual endeavour, is offered, exhibited, caressed, wrapped in a special package, and finally entrusted to the hands  of the customer with all the meticulousness of a ritual.

Over time the Shop will host all of the creations of Bottega Ghianda’s artisanal production:  the work of historic designers like Gae Aulenti, Mario Bellini, Cini Boeri, the Magnussons,  and propositions from the new designers who accepted Michele De Lucchi’s  invitation to contribute to a tradition that’s admired the world over.

No other location will sell these products.

Bottega Ghianda is part of the narrow circle of workshops at the forefront of the art  of fine-woodworking and cabinetmaking in the world.  It was founded two centuries ago and has established itself over the course of generations  as an Italian excellence in this form of craftsmanship — and particularly in its most refined tradition, la ebanisteria. It has cultivated a precise vocation: the mastery of its craftsmen enables exceptional designers to transform their creative vision into reality. It was founded by Iginio Ghianda, the son of blacksmith Luigi, 1889. A short time before the death of his son, Pierluigi Ghianda’s, the Sozzi family directly took the baton from him, to continue a journey that celebrates wood and keeps alive Italian artisanal know-how that is admired the world over.