Benjamin Hubert Ltd is the designer of Designs of the Year 2015.

The prestigious exhibition is held annually at London’s Design Museum and showcases the most innovative, interesting and forward-looking design from around the world. Following on from the studio’s Designs of the Year nomination for the Ripple table last year, the Design Museum approached the studio to create a concept in which to showcase this year’s exhibition.

Benjamin Hubert Ltd responded to the challenging brief and tight build budget by creating a hyper-flexible modular system from MDF and timber that accommodates 76 projects across a broad range of typologies – from app design to automobiles.

The modular system can be used to display floor standing, table height, angled reading material and wall graphics.

Visitors are welcomed to the space by a dramatic cantilevered entrance structure that extends over the main stairwell. This fluid design language is continued in the architectural structure of the entire exhibition space, which was inspired by the paper canvas used in photography studios. The installation creates a strong identity and maximises display surfaces. For the first time in the Design Museum’s history, the full 4.5-metre height of the interior has been used to minimise visual noise and increase exhibition surface area.