The Beijing Jinhai Lake International ResortCreek Park Hotel is located in Beijing’s Pinggu District, 15km away from the Jinhai Lake International Resort’s Area. It is a renovation project undertaken by SYN Architects. It is located close to the waters surrounding the peninsula, from where the minaret by the lake can be admired. Formerly an abandoned resort estate, the project has been transformed and expanded into a high-end luxury destination encompassed by sublime natural scenery.

Logical Concepts

Before renovation, the layout of the project was scattered and lacked conceptual relevance. After SYN Architects took charge of the project, a fresh and logical concept was put into practice. Based on a three-sided perspective of the area surrounded by mountains and water, designer Zou Yingxi decided to amplify the sensation of ‘natural wilderness’ by creating an extensive 360° panoramic view effect.

To produce an omnipresent and vast field of vision, the designers planted open rectangular terraces of different sizes with mountain-like features between the original structures. So they achieved both functional requirements and a new layout for the whole project.

Panoramic Restaurant

Furthermore, a landmark to the hotel was created halfway up the slope with the widest field of vision in the peninsula: a panoramic restaurant and a scenic glass platform that deliver a unique atmosphere created taking concepts from tourism and residence planning at the same time.


After resetting the main construction elements, Zou Yingxi carried out a new connection plan for the different buildings in the area.

To soften the linear and squared spatial composition, plank roads on the platforms were built following a soft curved design, creating meandering corridors with figures as soft as clouds in the sky. In this way, terraces, viewing platforms and wooden plank roads were integrated into a vast tour system, optimizing the interaction between space and landscape, while reflecting the design philosophy of “mutual creation between form and emptiness” used by the designer Zou Yingxi.

Zou Yingxi, such materials not only reduce the cost of the project, but also reflect the ‘genetic match’ between architecture and the environment.

“A building doesn’t have good or bad elements, it only has suitable and not suitable ones. The Creek Park Hotel is suitable for this site, and “grows” its own buildings that along with it will either exist or come to an end, together as one.”

Architect: SYN Architects
Architect in Charge: Yingxi Zou
Location: Kaifa West Rd 1, Luohanshi, Pinggu District, Beijing, China