Beau Lake Electric ’14

Beau Lake from Toronto, Canada, introduced their Electric ’14 Tahoe combining the beauty and mystique of classic wooden boat aesthetics for today’s eco-conscious audience. It also introduces the Lugano ’14 in a color palette reminiscent of classic cars and inspired by the styling of the vintage lake runabout, designed for silent responsive navigation and carefree mechanics and maintenance.


These self-draining electric boats consist of three primary construction components; the hull, cockpit liner and deck surface, while an ergonomically designed, hand-carved wooden tiller with joystick component steers its course. Luxury details include a hand-carved mahogany tiller and joystick, one-inch thick leather seat covers that snap off for easy storage, removable two-compartment cooler and charcuterie board. Mirror polished stainless-steel castings and hardware enhance the nautical air.

Epoxy and Fiberglass

The deck is protected by a proprietary epoxy and polyturethane coating for extended wear. Lightweight molded fiberglass hull makes haul and launch simple, and buffing scuffs easy. Self-draining construction means covering the boat is optional.

The Tahoe and Lugano Electric models are propelled by the Cruise 2.0FP and 24-104 Lithium smart battery by Torqeedo, German leader in marine electrical systems.

Beau Lake is the initiative of Lee Kline and Paul Lavoie. They founded their boating company in 2016.