Baxter at IMM Cologne

On the the occasion of the 2019 Furniture Fair in Cologne, Baxter presented collections and moods that explore, even more in depth, the boundaries of the mix and match. Also, thanks to the collaborations with Studio Pepe, Federico Peri and Hagit Pincovici, the proposed environments were generated by the combination of heterogeneous pieces and demonstrated a unique attitude to design rather than a particular form of expression and style.

It is a refined babel of languages where the natural and the artificial dialogue, mix and collide contrasting shapes, lines and soft and irregular textures with precise, hard and clean geometries.

Compositional Freedom and Eccentric Combinations

In the Baxter space there was a ‘fight’ full of charm during which exciting moments were followed. The passions that have always characterized the company: the colorsin the new leathers, periwinkle, green in different shades, burgundy, coral and grey.

The new obsessions: the lines in three different textures. The challenges: the new materials including ancient stones with extraordinary chromatic strength, coming from rare mineral deposits, combined with lacquered surfaces that create great contrasts of light.

The compositional freedom and the eccentric combinations, hallmark of the company, were emphasized by the combination of different styles and eras. A mix that does not appear chaotic but that took on a special balance, as if all the elements were seen through a multicolored kaleidoscope.

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