ACDF Architecture

ACDF Architecture, a firm renowned for its use of anamorphic patterns and unusual juxtapositions of materials, unveiled the new offices of Autodesk, situated in the trendy district of Griffintown, bordering downtown Montreal. The 40,360 sf project, comprising two floors of an existing office building, houses 200 Autodesk employees and features a series of offices, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, a game room, a media gallery, and multifunctional event spaces. 


Asked to create a branded space for the Montreal operations of the globally-renowned company, the designers brought the 3D objects from Autodesk’s software programs to life. They ensured maximal workspace efficiency while capturing the essence of the company’s products and people.

“It’s always challenging to design with strict spatial requirements within an existing framework,” noted Veronica Lalli, Architect and Project Manager at ACDF.

“We were able to meet all of the needs through the strategic placement of objects, using color and form.”

“We made some of the existing spaces work for them, and then we designed some new spaces that are the heart and soul of the project,” explains Ms. Lalli.

“For instance, we were able to preserve a large portion of the enclosed rooms on the main floor, which now serves as their services block, addressing their needs in the space.”

Autodesk wanted its services block to be the central anchor of the office’s public space, with numerous informal lounges, whiteboard walls, presentation spaces, and entertainment facilities designed for hosting events surrounding it. In order to create separation between the level’s public spaces and private offices, ACDF added layers of film and branding patterns to the existing window glaze of the latter, ensuring privacy without severing the flow of diffused natural light.