Alaïa Fonk

The Pedevilla Brothers

Italy’s northernmost province combines Alpine staidness with Italian joie-de-vivre, the Dolomites – a UNESCO World Heritage site – and cultural diversity. The ... Read More.


The four striking decors mark the start of a new chapter in Sieger by Fürstenberg’s tumbler collection Sip of Gold. Launched by Michael Sieger.

The Art of SolidNature

“When we see a stone, we see a frozen snapshot of life over 400 million years ago, to its present day. We see its unique character. We see the veins pumping. We... Read More.
Alaïa Fonk

Alaïa Fonk

Creative Developer, Assistant Art Director

Use your smile to change this world, don’t let this world change your smile. Telling stories is something I live for, especially through video. Short stories about an interesting individual, short branding films, event coverage, Q&A's for bloggers... This took me to places around the world covering high eind design houses, famous Asian artists, and parties on Miami Beach. But it also let's us explore my own country covering fascinating creatives.