Unlike many of the neighbouring architectural statements, this house is built on a manageable scale. The chief components defining the interior would seem to be art and music. They acquire an extra dimension thanks to the light pouring into the interior from all sides. Rios Clementi Hale Studios, Los Angeles, were responsible for the architectural re-design of the interior of the house, as well as design of the front and back yards and plantings.

The house is hidden away among lush greenery and contorted trees. Its architecture is both simple and functional. You won’t find mind-blowing facades or entrances flanked by pillars. No – here the tranquillity of balanced architecture prevails: a mix of vintage and modern elements that have been intelligently combined. The residence was created by Rios Clementi Hale Studios of Los Angeles who, in consultation with the owners, recast an existing house into a customized artistic mould.

The main objective was to transform the dark rooms into light, open-plan spaces where the owners’ artworks would come into their own. And as you wander through the house, it becomes clear that the makeover is highly successful. You get a sense of the interior layout as soon as you walk into the high entrance hall. Originally there were two sitting rooms to the left which have now been converted into one large space with an unostentatious partition wall in the centre containing a fireplace on one side. The large windows permit the back and front gardens to engage directly with the interior. In fact, when the new spaces were designed, it was of prime importance to create a feeling of openness. From the sitting room at the rear there is now direct access to the kitchen and small dining room on the one hand, and the corridor to the bedrooms, fitness room and entertainment room on the other.

The shape of the house is reminiscent of an ice-hockey stick, with the living spaces along the long side and the two bedrooms plus bathrooms on the short side. The corridor also leads to two offices. On the right of the entrance hall is the spacious dining room which adjoins the roomy kitchen running parallel to it. The tranquil atmosphere strikes you immediately – tranquillity in which art and music thrive. Works of art hang and stand throughout the house. The visual feast is set off by another of the owners’ preferences: music. The house, unlike many of its neighbours, has retained a manageable scale, without sacrificing comfort or living space. Moreover, direct access to the garden extending the entire length of the house, further enhances the interior space. In the garden there are various seating areas and a swimming pool has been created at one of the far ends. This is a house for receiving and entertaining people and for making music.