“Red is the colour of passion, life, luxury, sensuality and desire.” Géraldine Prieur, interior and furniture designer, based in Paris, France. With her Rouge Absolut, she fluently marries lines, volumes, materials and colours.

She is known for her signature ‘Unconventional Full Colours’ style;. Her anti-conformist aesthetic is sometimes larger than life and informs all that she does including her very own apartment. Géraldine Prieur is an interior and furniture designer. She has been creating eye-catching, unique interiors for over twenty years. In 2012, she founded her own design agency – Rouge Absolu.

The apartment is located in the heart of a beautiful Paris neighbourhood. The psychedelic wonderland serves as a home to her and her family. It is a delight to the eye as well as a welcome departure from the grey world outside. The door to the apartment opens to an eruption of brilliant colours. Moving from one room to another, one discovers Géraldine’s the colourful and non-conformist universe. An unrivalled colourist, she has opted for a vibrant palette of colour, energising and full of pep, composed to exploit light by applying the additive colour synthesis principle which superimposes the three primary colours: red, green and blue. Géraldine deifies all colours but red especially captures her favour because of its power, its emotions and the energy it unleashes. Remote from anything classically bourgeois, she breaks those codes she finds too conformist thus rendering her apartment gay and joyous, bringing to it her special touch and signature ‘Unconventional Full Colours’ style.

The entrance hall provides a colourful welcome to the apartment. The original stained glass windows have been restored to their floral decorations in tones of amber and Venetian yellow. The brass palm tree lends an exotic ‘70s touch. The bright fuchsia walls are offset with a green wall-to-wall carpet which gives the room a cool, calm appearance. The living room is painted in a striking aquamarine blue. It is filled with a combination of contemporary and classic furnishings and artworks, such as the sculpture-like black wood coffee, which Géraldine and her husband found in a gallery in London. The Up To You console in the family room was inspired by a 1930s ring given to Géraldine by her grandmother. Its highly sculptural forms are what create its beauty. The pink and green tones of the dining room recall the sweet tastes of our childhoods. It evokes romanticism and coolness. The kitchen is a living space where the family likes to gather and talk. The herringbone parquet has been painted black whilst the moulding, cornices and fireplace have simply been retained in their original state. An atmosphere of harmony and serenity reigns here. The Alizarin red of the master bedroom evokes passion, and symbolises love, emotions and temptation. Finding it rich, powerful and energising, Géraldine and her husband have always favoured this bold hue for their most intimate of spaces.