The brief from the client was to creating an open living environment by merging together two existing properties. The result was a roughly 3600 square ft. single residence in which KNOF design unified various spaces to deliver the beautifully detailed home. The East and West Flats in a prominent high rise in Eastern Europe are merged into one open, luxurious, bright, and contemporary penthouse.

‘On entering the apartment, the language of the interior scheme is immediately apparent’, commented KNOF design’s Creative Director And Owner Susan Knof. ‘The elegant yet subdued use of soft natural materials greets you in the primary entrance hall. As you proceed through the natural dyed grey veneered walls, the open space is one of subtlety and sophistication, allowing the gorgeous mountainous natural environment to take centre stage.’

Susan Knof, the master behind KNOF design, is an international interior professional with a background, which lends a sophisticated and cosmopolitan style to her designs. Somewhere between creative energy and pure calmness, she finds her balance: design. With a respectful and considered design approach, preserving the character and authenticity of an existing building, she creates something entirely new.

This Eastern Europe building has a spectacular view over the city, and adjacent mountains. The entrance hall to the new full floor plate interior features a gentle grey toned marble flooring with subtle and beautiful natural striations. There are full height natural dyed grey veneered walls, which wrap the existing building core. It has a new carefully designed flush integrated linear bespoke lighting detail, which demarks the separation of space as you transcend into the grand light filled open area.

From an interior architectural standpoint, there were certain constraints. Design studio KNOF had to study the original floor plate of the overall building. The existing layouts gave little room for exploration of bathroom layouts and new designs had to be drawn around this. The full height windows offered limited space for new ceiling and lighting logistics. Nevertheless, the main open kitchen, dining, entertaining, and living area is one of a consistent and elegant approach. The environment provides colour, lights and drama while the interior remains subtle and calming. The open plan changes with the rhythm of the external environment in which the light and seasons providing an ever-changing backdrop.

The open plan kitchen is a sleek contemporary white Molteni Dada Trim range with custom detailing. Susan integrated an acid etched counter to the ceiling-glazing panel with a display shelving allowing light flow between the open kitchen area and the adjacent playroom.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the open Dining Area with table seating for ten. A custom sculptural lighting piece by Vibia adds subtle drama to the space. This pendant allowed for spot lighting across the full dining surface. The highlight here is the view.

Located off of the main Living area are the Master Bedroom and Study spaces. The circulation area leading to the Master suite is a continuation of the natural dyed grey timber veneered panels with storage behind. An existing overhead structural beam is received by an open shelving detail incorporating varying toned dyed natural veneers in natural dyed pink birds eye maple, grey walnut, eucalyptus, and natural Tay (koto). In the Master Bedroom the fabrics and finishes continue in the same soothing grey and natural cream tones with soft textural details and an added bright coral accent.

‘A very important aspect of this scheme is the clever use of materials that allow for individuality while adhering to the clients budget. It is always a natural consideration for me to make use of every available space and to have beautifully integrated furniture. It is the attention to details that matter. The small intimate spaces that get used on a daily basis and have careful consideration does not go unnoticed. It is my intention to make the user feel special every time it is in use. To create a space that can provide happiness, makes me happy.’

KNOF design provided a home with clever planning and an astute awareness of detail. But more than that, the quality of the finishes, the balanced palette, the customised furnishings and an overriding commitment to considered design, fuse together effortlessly, culminating in a sophisticated and harmonious contemporary luxury penthouse