Hosted at the Van Nelle Factory, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

20th Anniversary Art Rotterdam

Art Rotterdam celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2019 in the famous Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In the run-up to this festive event, the organization took the necessary steps to reinforce its reputation as an exciting discovery site on the one hand and strong market place on the other, it has sharpened its multifaceted concept, focused on young art. Collaboration became the key word.


Intimacy and Cooperation

Art Rotterdam 2019 had a more intimate character and counted 25% fewer galleries than the 2018 edition. With this measure to improve the cooperation between local and international galleries, Art Rotterdam wanted to strengthen the position of its participants. The 2019 edition was characterized by a new collaboration model in which galleries shared their relationships and actively support each other. This collaborative model with its dynamic and customised architectural presentation of the artworks has proven to be an attractive alternative to the presentations that are common in the art world.

AkzoNobel Art Foundation

AkzoNobel Art Foundation, one of the best-known corporate collections in the Netherlands exhibited under the title Now / Forever artworks from various disciplines and different galleries. The architectural setting was a design by Tom Postma Design. Curator Hester Alberdingk Thijm, director of the AkzoNobel Art Foundation, said:

“For this presentation we have selected artworks submitted by galleries exhibiting at Art Rotterdam.

We have selected works of various disciplines and media, yet each of them has a certain innate quality. The primary selection criteria for us were contemporaneity (Now) and the capacity to stand the test of time (Forever)”.

Hester Alberdingk Thijm, Director AkzoNobel Art Foundation

NN Group Art Award

For the third year in a row, the presentation of the NN Group Art Award took place during Art Rotterdam 2019. And again the prize went to an exceptional talent, Katja Mater, whose work can be seen at the fair. The most important criteria for nomination were: completing an art education in the Netherlands, making high-quality work and propagating authentic and innovative craftsmanship.

The jury appreciates the recent steps in the work of Katja Mater (Hoorn, 1979) who graduated in 2005 from De Ateliers in Amsterdam. She investigates the parameters of photography and film where time, space and perception are central. The jury finds her work intelligent and with unpredictable results. Katja Mater creates another dimension where depth and movement are depicted in a surprising way. In addition, her work is full of dualities: playful and strict, improvised and at the same time well considered. The jury admires how Katja Mater has succeeded in adding a new chapter to an oeuvre that increasingly shows a strong identity within the Dutch arts scene.


CitizenM Cinema

This year, for the fifth time, citizenM is a main Art Rotterdam sponsor. At citizenM, art is in the DNA. There is as much passion about art as about the design for the lounge or the number of rooms. Prior to the opening of each new hotel, curators of citizenM invite local artists to contribute to the space. They establish a collection with a mix of new and recognisable names and a combination of paintings, videos, sculptures and even wallpaper.

At Art Rotterdam 2019, citizenM will present ‘citizenM cinema’, a composition of entertainment and informative pieces on various subjects. citizenM shows the modern Dutch Masters but also introduces an exciting new exhibition with works from the private collection of Rattan Chadha, the founder of citizenM.

In the spring of 2019, the Kunsthal Rotterdam will be presenting ‘Trouble in Paradise’, an extraordinary selection of contemporary art works from the private collection of art collector Rattan Chadha (1949, Delhi), the founder of Mexx and the hotel chain citizenM. This private collection – known as the KRC Collection – will be presented at the Kunsthal to a wide audience for the very first time. Rattan Chadha has selected works of art that reflect on human inadequacies, respond to the state of our society and inspire a sense of commitment to the world around us. At the heart of his collection is the human condition, with art that gets under your skin. From sex, drugs and rock ’n roll to deep melancholy and abstraction. In short: ‘Trouble in Paradise’!

Robin Chadha, CMO CitizenM Media, on CitizenM Cinema

Photography by Alaïa Fonk