21 September – 3 December 2019

A. Gormley

In September 2019, the Royal Academy of Arts in London, England opened a solo exhibition of the internationally acclaimed British sculptor Antony Gormley (b. 1950), the most significant in the UK for over a decade. The exhibition brought together both existing and especially conceived new works for the occasion, from drawings and sculptures to experiential environments, that took on the RA’s Main Galleries across all 13 rooms.

Gormley described the exhibition as a ‘test site’; engaging the senses, employing scale, darkness and light, and using elemental, organic and industrial materials. The works interact with the Beaux-Arts galleries, creating a series of distinct encounters that come together as a collective experience. It is a summation of Gormley’s enduring concern with the inner dark space of the body itself and the body’s relation to its surroundings: the body as space and the body in space.

“there is no subject until the viewer arrives and begins to engage.”  – Gormley

With this solo exhibition Antony Gormley followed in the Royal Academy’s tradition of celebrating its Royal Academicians, continuing a strand of programming that showcases some of the most important living artists in the world including David Hockney, Anselm Kiefer, Ai Weiwei and the forthcoming exhibition of Marina Abramović.

The exhibition is organized by the Royal Academy of Arts, London. It was curated by Martin Caiger- Smith, Head of the MA Curating the Art Museum at the Courtauld Institute, London and author of major monograph Antony Gormley (Rizzoli, 2017) with Sarah Lea, Curator at the Royal Academy of Arts.

BNP Paribas, advocating the important role that the arts play in shaping how we interpret society, supported the Antony Gormley exhibition.